Join me on the 24th

by | Apr 21, 2020


How are you doing in this time? If you’re anything like me, emotions are a bit of a roller coaster. One moment I’m grateful to be at home with my family and then terrified or overwhelmed and then oddly peaceful. I’m doing my best to ride out the emotions like a wave instead of fighting them. Also, baking seems to help. As does reading, which is always my escape of choice.

I’ve been overwhelmed in the best way possible by the response to the release of The Magnolia Sisters. I had so much fun writing Avery’s story and it makes me happy to know that the book has helped take readers’ minds off of the outside world for a time. I’ve also had a great time connecting with everyone through online events and am excited to share that I’ll be doing a Facebook Live event on Friday, April 24th, 7pm central time, at the Loves Sweet Arrow FB page. My friend and fellow HQN author, Jo McNally will be joining me to discuss books and our ideas for stay-at-home fun. So if you happen to be home Friday night, I’d love to have you join us!